A little about Us

Sven & Jeanie Ferreira

We are the owners of Sven’s Goat Milk Skin Care and we are a happily married couple. We started this business because we wanted to offer as many people as we can with a special kind of soap that is not made in a factory or with harsh chemicals and that doesn’t uses natural oils as we do. We noticed our soaps have been so much better for our skin over these past few years. We are making it our passion to get as many people off of these chemical cleaning products and to use our all-natural, healthy, Made In the USA goat milk soap. We searched through the whole state of Pennsylvania where we live to find a Goat Farmer and Producer of Soap, We wanted a local supplier so we could know what goes into the soap and how its made, we also wanted to find someone local so we can help the small business owner and not an oversea sweatshop. We are making this our passion and full-time job to get our product out to as many people as possible to help them with their skin.